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Move to a new ledger without missing a beat 


In order to automate their business processes, we help startups and enterprises integrate decentralized blockchain solutions that are reliable and secure. By integrating features, modifying systems, and implementing blockchain solutions, we tailor our blockchain solutions to specific business use cases.

Microsoft Managed Blockchain Service Migration

Due to the increasing complexity of technology, business leaders have made Managed Services as a priority in their strategic roadmap over the past few years as a way to simplify IT systems while realizing cost savings. Powered by the Microsoft Azure Blockchain Service (ABS), you can build, govern, and expand blockchain networks at scale. Instead of focusing your IT team’s efforts on manually managing your blockchain network, migrate to ABS for built-in governance management, flexible integration services, and a simple to understand pricing tiers for nodes that expand as your network grows. 

A Framework for Success

As the blockchain industry matures, so do the frameworks and methodologies. The ideal blockchain migration journey is a phased approach which takes a holistic view; both top-down and bottom-up. The phases include:
- Migration Assessment, Strategy and Roadmap planning. The goal is to define a strategy that includes the infrastructure, applications, and business processes among network participants that will be impacted during and after the migration.
- Based on the migration strategy defined in the previous phase; leveraging DevOps services, migration waves are scheduled and validated through client user acceptance testing. Additionally, integration services to business-critical applications are reconfigured if applicable.

Post-Migration Support

Understanding a blockchain application’s life cycle is a little different than traditional applications. There are specific dependencies required such as smart contracts, privacy configurations, consensus algorithms, node logs and health checks, integration service and off-chain database monitoring, etc. From solution training to post-go live support and beyond; maximize your time-to-value through our help desk that provides phones, email, or in person support based on customized SLAs
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