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Seamless blockchain integration for your business needs."


Whether you are looking to enter the blockchain space, select a protocol for development, launch a new decentralized product or service or just strengthen your market presence, let us help you. Take advantage of the expertise and deep tech background of Tijarah Holding Ltd. to solve the hardest technology challenges and acquire the capabilities you need to thrive in the blockchain space. Our blockchain consulting services empower organizations to achieve lasting performance gains and innovate more sustainably in the tech sector.


Blockchain Consultancy

We analyze your current solution, identify the need for a blockchain solution that is specific to your business use case and analyze how blockchain can be used to make your business more efficient and effective. As part of our proposal, we recommend the appropriate technology and possible solutions.

Proof of Concept Prototype

We discuss the feasibility of your blockchain project with our blockchain developers and define the business goals and workflow for your system. Our blockchain consulting team identifies the right parameters based on your business requirements that is built on Maal blockchain. In just four weeks, our team creates a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the practical potential of your blockchain project. The PoC helps clients understand how their blockchain ecosystem will work.

Blockchain Development

Once you understand the blockchain feasibility for your use case, you can move your project to development. As a leading blockchain development company, we develop and deliver scalable blockchain solutions to innovate your business operations.
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