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Provide an Unparalleled Level Safety, Trust, and Compliance


When consumers place their trust in purchasing products and services that brands maintain a high level of quality. Simultaneously, products may also need to meet a necessary regulatory compliance before entering the market. Once a brand loses consumer trust, it’s a very costly and time-consuming process to gain back the public confidence. The decentralization and immutability values that is provided through blockchain technology ensures that records are permanent and stored at multiple locations. These un-modifiable records can be referenced much more quickly and accurately than traditional systems, thus helping to guarantee consumer and regulatory confidence.

Quality Assurance Blockchain
Use Cases

Sustainability Certification

Prior to your product entering the market, manufactures need to meet sustainability standards and requirements. In addition, there is a growing demand in the consumer’s expectations of corporate responsibility. The challenge for manufacturers is providing an audit trail that your product has been properly tested and certified in such a way that the consumer can trust that product’s testing results haven’t been tampered with. Blockchain provides an excellent platform to provide a static registry of immutable digital certification records for consumers to look up and feel confident in the products they choose.

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

The distribution of food is becoming exponentially more complex. The food logistics sector is being imposed with mandates on food safety requirements throughout the supply chain which includes the food manufacturers, food shippers, carriers, receivers. There is said to be more than 17 different hand-offs between the time the product is cultivated until it is received. The immutable records that Blockchain enables provides real-time traceability of product provenance. Data being transacted across a blockchain network can be used by all members of the supply chain in a very secure and transparent fashion.

Digital Diplomas

Each year, millions of students graduate across the world. Some graduate from high school, some will graduate from colleges, while others will graduate from specific skill-based courses. The performance of the students during their course of study will contain important metrics that will be used as a reference for admitting into new school and/ or new work. The amount of fraud that occurs with regards to skills learned is increasing at an alarming rate. In order to assure the quality of the individual’s performance and skill set achieved, a digital certificate system that leverages blockchain technology can be implemented. Due to the nature of unmodifiable properties that blockchain provides; schools and hiring managers can trust the new waves of trust worthy digital diplomas.
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