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Provide Your Business With A Custom Built

Application To Tailor Fit Results


There are times when popular commercial technology systems don’t achieve the desired end result. However, a business still needs to be nimble enough to come up with a custom built solution that has the ability to deliver value in both b2b and b2c scenarios. In the event that a custom solution is developed, it must not only communicate with the end user, but may also need to communicate with a wide number of other systems that current exist in the business ecosystem. Empower your business with secure, resilient, connected, and robust custom application.

Powerful dApps Built on Maal Blockchain


Business Applications and Web Portals

Provide your employees, members, customers, and suppliers with a single access to point relevant information. The possibilities are endless with the way that business applications and web portals can be used.

SaaS Products

Envision Blockchain integrates into your team to help bring your product from an idea to production ready. From strategy to deployment and everything in between, our team provides the needed UI/UX, and core development to provide your customers with a sustainable solution.

Integration to Line of Business Applications

Organizations typically have a crawl, walk, run approach. If an organization is wasting their time on a business process that is tedious, they will never be able to focus on the bigger picture. As technology gets better, the ability to not focus on the technology allows to focus on new business value. Since LOB application integration removes the technological barriers found in our day to day lives, we can now focus on staying ahead of the curve.
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