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The Bottom Line Relies on Scale & Security


Performing software testing systematically is vital, especially when building cutting edge applications that include blockchain, when the ledger data can’t be erased and unparalleled transparency exists among network participants. Envision Blockchain’s Solution Testing Framework ensures critical factors are surfaced throughout the application’s life cycle. For example at the beginning of the life cycle, which ledger to leverage, how the smart contracts interact with the rest of the technology stack, and what are the performance expectations can be achieved via side-by-side functionality, load and stress testing. For quicker and more efficient releases during development and Production support, our established DevOps practice ensures testing is as automated as much as possible during build and release pipelines.

Stress, Load, & Performance Testing

Having a solution to swiftly test and prove out critical metrics pertaining to Ledger & Consensus benefits which offer optimal application network scaling is achieved through Envision Blockchain’s Parallel Ledger Testing Blockchain Adapter. Likewise, testing to optimize overall system throughput and latency performance ensures the success of both the systems functionality and how it relates to future stress loads.

System Functional Testing

Every successful project has a plan. For software testing, there are best practices to help uncover the way an application is supposed to look and feel. An experienced partner should be able to guide an organization through the recommendation and description of test strategies throughout the application life cycle. Envision Blockchain’s System Functional Testing Framework includes the list of User Stories, the method at which to test those User Stories, and provides an approved checklist by the stakeholders on what should be tested.

Penetration & Network Security Testing

It seems that we hear new stories every day about security breaches. Before solutions reach a Production environment it’s important to provide testing to identify security weaknesses. Our team of cyber security professionals provide Penetration and Network Security testing that will produce results and recommendations in vulnerable areas such as web browser to server communication, X-Frame, access policies, etc.
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