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Providing Impactful Solutions Built on Maal Blockchain

Get to Know Us

Tijarah Holding Ltd. is the official commercial arm and founding entity of the Maal blockchain. Developers, startups, enterprises, and governments can benefit from Tijarah's blockchain technology solutions. We invest in high-impact ideas built on the Maal Blockchain that promote positive change.

When you work with Tijarah, we get to know you, your project, and your needs. We have a 100% in-house team with the perfect blend of coding and soft skills to be on the same page as our clients.

Our expertise can propel companies involved in blockchain and Web3 to reach the next level of operational efficiency and growth.

Our Partners

Our Regulators

Regulated by Labuan FSA, Malaysia as a:
Islamic Digital Asset Service Provider [REG: LL17671]

Licensed by FINTRAC & Regulated by British Columbia FSA, Canada as a:
Money Services Business [License: M23739966]

Registered with Stockholm County Administrative Board, Sweden as a:
Trust Management Provider [REG: 969798-0408]

Regulated by Financial Crime & Investigation Service of Lithuania as a:
Virtual Asset Exchange Operator & Virtual Asset Wallet Operator [REG: 305921328]

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