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Professor Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh, a highly regarded expert in educational market development, has been appointed as the Head of Education Development on Tijarah's advisory board.

Labuan, FT Malaysia March 24, 2023 - Tijarah Holding Ltd. (Reg. No. LL17671) is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh as Advisory Board of Education Development. In this role, Dr. Jayles will provide leadership and direction to guide the creation and implementation of educational programs and initiatives that align with Tijarah's objectives and mission in the realm of blockchain technology.

Tijarah is thrilled to have Dr. Jayles on board, and under his leadership, the company anticipates advancing its educational initiatives while maintaining its commitment to delivering highquality training to students with diverse technology backgrounds and varying skill levels.

Dr. Jayles is a devoted educator with an entrepreneurial spirit. With over two decades of experience in educational market development both locally and internationally, he is renowned for his successful promotion of the "Malaysia Education" brand across the globe. Dr. Jayles has played a crucial role in shaping the internationalization of higher education by introducing innovative approaches and advocating for a new model of program franchising to education providers worldwide.

His contributions to the field have been recognized with several prestigious titles, including Professor of Globalization by Seokyeong University in South Korea, Professor of Marketing by Beijing Oriental University, and Adjunct Professor of Global Branding Institute, USA. As the President and CEO of AIMSMET Executive Education, Dr. Jayles focus is on exporting lifelong training and learning to Asia, ASEAN, and the Middle East. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Business Executives, United Kingdom, which carries the title FABE.

Dr. Jayles holds various leadership positions, including President and Chairman of the Education and Training Bureau of the ASEAN Retail Chains and Franchise Federation (ARFF), Co-Chairman of the International Federation of Chamber and Commerce (IFCC), USA, Honorary Director of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan, China, and Advisor to the Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce (MDCC).

Tijarah Holdings, Ltd. is the developer of the leading edge MAAL blockchain technology. Often referred to as the catalytic development that has been missing link in wider adoption of blockchain technology among the financial institutions, respective governments, and its agencies.

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Tijarah Holding Ltd. Address: Unit Level 11(A), Main Office Tower, Financial Park Labuan, Jalan Merdeka Contact Person: Dimitri Rizzi

Phone Number: (+6) 071 696 2056



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