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Business Process Automation & Transparency That Truly Increase Supply Chain & Logistics Profit Margins


Solutions built on Maal Blockchain can help companies modernize their supply chains around the world. By implementing smart contracts and trustless automation, supply chain participants can streamline compliance, auditability, and cooperation while consumers can gain more confidence in product safety.

Transportation & Logistics  Use Cases


Reduce Communication & Document Handling

There are approximately 200 points of communication between the origin and destination for a single shipment, according to studies. The elimination of duplicate documents, revisions, permissions, phone calls, emails, time zone differences, and the timely discovery of information all contribute to avoiding penalties and reducing costs. By eliminating the bureaucracy in administrative processes, Maal blockchain can improve the efficiency of global trade. The need to involve multiple participants and the enormous amount of paperwork can be replaced by an automated process that enables a structured approach to monitor the product lifecycle from its origin to the store shelf and facilitates all ownership changes between manufacturers, retailers, and buyers.

Localized Failures and Lost Shipments

It is common for local and international cargo to be damaged, stolen, or compromised, especially when it is delivered quickly. The driver may run away with the package or damage it during transit, or the shipment may get lost during overseas shipping. In-transit shipment concerns regarding cold supply chains can also be solved via IoT data regarding temperature. Cryptographically verifiable and immutable, Maal blockchain ledgers cannot be altered. Hence, any such tragic incident gets reflected in the system right when it occurs. All parties can therefore draft highly optimized and fair policies for loss compensation based on these unforeseen events in their smart contracts.

Effortless, Secure B2B

And International Payments

Sensor data from carriers, such as vessel condition, location, route, etc., can be used by shippers for automatic document filling, financial calculation, custom duty, payment, and auditing. Maal Blockchain can enhance liquidity for all financial institutions involved in logistics trade financing. Smart contracts enable companies to monitor the steps within a logistical process and enforce compliance with the prearranged rules of a transaction, reducing the risk that the other party will fail to fulfill an agreement. Additionally, it improves the visibility of critical financing and digital documentation events. As a result, the entire process is seamless and error-free, reducing lead time and maximizing efficiency.
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