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Unlock the Power of Your Assets with Tokenization


Asset backed tokenization is the process of converting the value of any physical asset into a digital token that can be traded over an exchange. Using Maal Blockchain, the transfer of ownership and storage can be performed speedily without any dependency on intermediaries.

Tijarah Tokenization Services

Tokenization Development

Asset Identification
We help you identify the type of asset your company wishes to tokenize. For example, equity, real estate, or commodities, etc.
Identification of Business Requirements

We will then analyze and evaluate your business model to get a clear vision of how your tokenized platform will create and deliver value.

Tokenomics Development

A tokenomics strategy, determining the total tokens minted and distributed, is then defined to create an ideal transactional economy between buyers and sellers.

Technical Development

Technical requirements are then identified so that development and testing can take place to align with the preparation outlined.

Post Launch Advisory

Tijarah ​​provides support for the project's performance and helps to resolve any emerging issues.


What Can Be Tokenized ?

Real Estate
The tokenization of real estate allows fractional ownership, which opens the door to high capital and greater market participation. Real estate investment markets can be expanded through tokenized real estate assets.

By tokenizing commodities, new market opportunities can be created across the sourcing and trading lifecycles of commodities. Physical assets can be converted into tradable digital assets, improving liquidity and reducing barriers to entry.

Private Equity Shares

By tokenizing equity shares, companies can interact with shareholders by sharing information on a single, immutable ledger. Trading on the secondary market will be transparent and authentic for shareholders.

Physical Goods

The blockchain's transparency allows provenance, lending, and price discovery for illiquid assets like artwork, ownership interests in private companies, and partnership shares.


Benefit Of Assets Tokenization

Fractional Ownership For Broader Investor Base 
There is a limit to the level of fractionalization in real-world asset trading traditionally. By allowing the sale and purchase of tokens representing fractions of ownership, asset tokenization eliminates this limitation. It results in a broader investor base participating in the investment process. With tokenization, investors would be able to diversify their investment portfolio into assets they previously could not afford.
Elimination Of Middlemen

Settlement of asset trading usually takes days to months. The validation of transactions and investor eligibility involves external entities, which adds costs. Maal Blockchain, however, is capable of offering immutability and transparency, removing the need for intermediaries.

Improved Liquidity

Bringing the investment process on the blockchain provides a low-friction environment. Asset tokenization enables the automated transfer of ownership while ensuring compliance. With reduced complexity and costs, tokenized assets present the possibility to invest with fiat money and P2P trading on regulated exchanges, which can improve liquidity.

Quick And Cheaper Transactions

Since the transaction and transfer of tokens are done with smart contracts, the exchange process is automated. Automation can reduce the burden associated with buying and selling, with no intermediaries required. As a result, it fastens the deal execution with lower transaction fees.

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