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Defense Wins Championships


Our society revolves around problem solving which leads to value investing for the sake of commerce. Technology should not be merely looked upon as gadgets or computers. Simply put, technologies are solutions to inefficient business challenges. Investing in solutions is like any other investment and as an organization business leaders are faced with the challenge of understanding and evaluating the underlying risk to reward upon the successful deployment of the tested solution (“Go-Live”). Like any other technology solution, such as the automobile, a Blockchain application and/or its evolving Network of Participants will require maintenance and upgrades. Just as there are mechanics for specific cars, there are partners for specific technology solutions. Leveraging a Blockchain Systems Integrator that understands the intricacies of a deployed solution and how to support it, (ex. Line of Business Applications being used, the details of custom API coding for Integrations and associated architectural decisions) is critical when looking to yield the solution’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Solution Assurance 

As Mike Tyson says, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Your blockchain solution may have worked perfectly in PoC and Pilot phases, however, when applications are first introduced into Production environments, the unpredictable may happen. Envision Blockchain can provides a Solution Assurance for a period of time after a solution reaches “Go-Live.” This program provides your organization the ease of knowing that experienced resources are standing by for any potential issues that may occur.

Solution End-User Training

When a new solution is introduced to stakeholders and users, there will be an period of time where the challenges of change management and user adoption will be filled with friction. One of the most proven strategies to remove that friction is to provide end-user training in a myriad of formats. From a “Train-the-Trainer” approach to a classroom style “role based training”, our flexible training style will provide a learning experience that fosters great user adoption.

Administration & Disaster Recovery Plans

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he will eat forever. We understand when organizations will not want to be reliant on a partner or vendor to manage their blockchain solution. Many business will want their teams to be self-sufficient. Just as Envision Blockchain provides an end-user solution training, we provide solution administration training along with designed, configured, and tested Disaster Recovery plans. 
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